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From Shrewsbury to Boston, the Turf Managers Basic Lawn fertilization program offers 5 visits to your property that are appropriately spaced out through the year. Each service includes a well-rounded blend of fertilizer, and spot treatment of post-emergent weed control as needed.

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Once signed up for the Basic Lawn Fertilization Program, soil samples from around the entire lawn are taken on your 1st service and sent out to the UMASS Plant Tissue and Soil Testing Lab for analysis. Once we receive the soil report, Lime recommendations will be made along with pricing. You will also receive a copy of the report which is yours to keep. All lawn fertilization applications follow the recommendations of your soil test.

The Turf Manager highly believes in soil testing for its lawn fertilization program. Without it we're just guessing what to apply to give you the best product possible. Without a soil test, we have no idea on if your lawn is deficient in phosphorus or potassium, which are key macronutrients for a healthy lawn. You need lime? Well how much? Soil pH goes up and down resulting in different amounts of lime being applied. ITS ALL ABOUT SOIL TESTING!

***As of 1/1/22, due to Covid restrictions and staffing shortages your soil test might take longer than normal to receive if sent out April- June.***

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